Is Your Job Disappointing You and You're Not Sure What to Do About It?

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Have You Ever Felt Like You'd Like to Make a Change? But Something is Holding You Back?

“A job is just a job.”

Have you ever heard somebody say that? Like they’d given up all hope that they’d find some kind of purpose, advancement potential, happiness, or wealth from their work.

It’s an ugly thought.

Maybe it’s even a thought that’s crossed your mind a time or two. But even if it has, you’re here. And if you’re here, then

you don’t really believe “a job is just a job.”

A job to you is more than just a paycheck. It’s more than a jail cell that you voluntarily visit for 8, 9, or 10 hours a day.

There should be important work to do, not mundane tasks that make you wish you were playing Candy Crush instead.

It should offer fulfillment. It should be fun from time to time. The people should be nice. Yes, even your boss!

And if ANY of the following questions have crossed your mind:

  • Is this where I belong?
  • Is this the happiest I’ll ever be?
  • Is this the most I can make?
  • Is this the best use of my talents?
  • Is this the best use of my time?
  • Is this the team I deserve?

“Is this the best I can do?”

…then that settles it. You don’t see a job as just a job. You see a job as the potential for advancement, for excitement, for learning, and for purpose. All while providing security and wealth.

You want to make changes to your career sooner rather than later. You may even have some ideas on where to start. But then fears and worries and "buts" and "what ifs" pop into your head, short-circuiting the thought process before you even begin to dream:

  • But I have a mortgage and a family; it would be irresponsible to quit!
  • But I’m not gonna find this kind of money at another job; it’d be stupid to leave it.
  • But I feel guilty abandoning this important work here.
  • But I don’t want to lose my precious relationships at work.
  • Maybe it’s just me.
  • Maybe things will get better.
  • What if I tell my boss what I need and he rejects me?
  • Maybe I’m just not good enough.
  • What if I stay at my current job, and resent it for the rest of my life?
  • What if I make the wrong call?
  • What if I do end up leaving, but what the next job is the same or worse than this one?!

Hi, I'm Pete. I've struggled with the same questions.

I'm Pete Mockaitis, Podcast Host and Trainer-in-Chief at How to Be Awesome at Your Job.

As seen in:

Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of professionals from across the world (many from places like Google, FedEx, Apple, Anheuser-Busch, and The United Nations) to help discover what makes a truly rewarding career for them. You might imagine career decision-making always just came naturally to me. It didn’t!

I remember being stuck in my own Do I Stay or Go moment during my last months at Bain & Company.

I loved my first two years in management consulting, but the allure faded and I was considering leaving. I thought: Am I crazy? Why on earth would I walk away from these brilliant colleagues, daily learning, world-class mentorship, unlimited advancement potential, and healthy 6-figure compensation at age 25? Because I had a childhood dream of being a personal development guru? C'mon!

Nonetheless, week after week, I still felt the pull toward work that grows people instead of corporate valuations. I liked most of the consulting work, but just not soooooo much of it. My scale told me I was overweight, no doubt from the solace I took from nightly room service—chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce—I ordered at the Time Square Westin after leaving the client site at 10, 11, or midnight. Night after night.

My friends thought I was nuts to consider leaving. But I didn’t care. After months of agonizing soul-searching, I reached the point of clarity and conviction. I decided to go.

Now I have a job that just fits me better. I get to enrich thousands of people everyday by discovering and sharing fascinating insights. And I have an extra thousand non-working hours per year to see my baby, exercise, sleep, learn cool things, and have interesting adventures. It’s not perfect, but I’m genuinely much happier. It’s where I belong.

In retrospect, I realize I could have come to this happy place way faster with much less agony if I had the tools I have now.

Did The People Who Love Their Jobs Get Lucky?
No. They All Had This One Thing In Common.

The "lucky" people who love their jobs know precisely what they value.

When you know what you value, you know which opportunities to pursue and which to ignore. It also means that you’ll never make a wrong decision about your career. That’s not to say all of your decisions will be easy ones. But you will never make a wrong decision. Because you know what you want. And you’re going for it.

“But Pete, I value lots of things. Maybe too many things.”

Most career-minded people want their jobs to provide a little bit of everything. Wealth, advancement, flexibility, compelling tasks, learning, purpose, etc. Having many values at once can lead to jumping at opportunities that may not be best for you.

But you can identify which values and opportunities hold more meaning to you than others. All you need is a method of calculating those values and vetting new opportunities.

Only then can you find the answer to one of the most important questions in your life: to stay at your job, or leave it for another opportunity.

The Do I Stay or Go Course Delivers the Definitive Answer to Your Most Urgent Career Question.

You don’t have to quit your job to start fresh. You could start fresh TODAY at the same job if you had confidence you were on the right path.

Do I Stay or Go was built to:

  • Help you determine precisely what you value
  • Discover fascinating opportunities
  • Assess those opportunities thoroughly based on your values

Doing so enables you to make a confident decision of whether to stay at your current job, or pursue opportunities in another workplace, another industry, or outside of work entirely.

No other course out there specifically tackles whether to stay or part ways with your job. A hundred courses explain how to pick a career and go jobhunting. A hundred others will promise greater control over your life. But not one of them can give you a definitive yes or no answer of whether to stay at your job.

“I wasn’t sure of my next career move, and this course helped me define where I’d be the happiest, bringing me clarity, hope, and a plan of action."

Sonji Le Blanc

Is Do I Stay or Go the Right Course for Me?

This course is for you if you want:

  • The shortcut to the best career decision for you.
  • A step-by-step framework for navigating the choice.
  • A prove-ably right answer on whether the grass is really greener elsewhere.
  • Psychological tools to power through fear and uncertainty.
  • Ideas for improving your current job right away without taking a big leap.
  • Resources to discover unadvertised opportunities.
  • A supportive community dealing with the same struggles and questions.


This course is not for you if you want:

  • Tips on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing.
  • Lots of "You can do it! Anything is possible! The world is your oyster!" rah-rah positive affirmations.
  • Endless browsing of job boards, daydreaming about what could be.

“Wow!! So many of the nagging desires that have been swirling around my head for years are now laid out neatly on these bar graphs."

Jenny McCreary

I've Painstakingly Crafted Eight Step-by-Step Modules to Unleash Your Clarity and Confidence

These learning modules cannot be found anywhere else—not even on my podcast—and are designed to inspire action and produce conviction.

Module #1 - What's the Ultimate Goal?

    • Why you fundamentally deserve job happiness.
    • A critical look at deep-seated psychological resistance to changing your job situation even if you don’t like it.
    • The four-step formula to defuse your “shoulds."

Module #2 - What Elements of Work Make Me Happy?

    • What dream jobs have in common with every other job.
    • A detailed exploration of the 15 drivers behind your work happiness.
    • Ongoing access to the tool that clarifies exactly what matters most to you in a job.

Module #3 - How Does My Current Job Stack Up?

    • How much fun other people are having at their jobs.
    • 39 key benchmark data points across all 15 happiness drivers.
    • A personalized chart showing you the likelihood of the grass being greener.

Module #4 - Can I Improve My Current Work Situation? How?

    • 10 master keys that make every work day more enjoyable.
    • 103 starter ideas to get your creative wheels turning.
    • How to spark extra ideas with the zig-zag categorization and stimulus-pondering tools.

Module #5 - What Would Be the Most Amazing Work Experience Ever?

    • The three-step process for releasing career constraints that bind you.
    • Nine prompts to surface what you really want to be doing.
    • “Crystal ball” key questions to determine if you will regret your decision.

Module #6 - Who Has the Answers?

    • 21 powerful resources for discovering cool workplaces you've never heard of.
    • The quickest ways to see what it's like inside other organizations.
    • Approaches to ensure time in networking groups is actually well spent.

Module #7 - How Do I Approach These People?

    • Powerful mental reframes to overcome fears and doubts behind reaching out.
    • Foolproof approaches to get people to share the perspectives you need to hear.

Module #8 - What's the Final Answer?

    • Techniques to uncover what your intuition is trying to tell you.
    • How to find the confidence to overcome potential fears of moving on.
    • What to do when you still don't know what to do.

Your Enrollment Also Includes Five Bonuses, Completely Free.

BONUS A - Professional Preferences Assessment and Profile

Discover your most important career happiness drivers as you grow and evolve.

BONUS B - Options Calculator Spreadsheet

    • Calculate the Take-Per-Give (wealth created per hour demanded) across options given numerous variables (such as compensation, vacation, benefits, and commute).
    • Quantify projected happiness into a single number.
    • Compare all the options side-by-side in one glance.

BONUS C - Introductory Scripts

    • Skip the word-choice worries and just use what works!
    • The right words to request introductions and reach out cold.

BONUS D - Questions to Ask

    • 112 questions across 7 distinct conversational phases.
    • All you need to thoroughly assess an opportunity across 15 happiness drivers.
    • The uber-question that prevents you from getting a terrible boss.

BONUS E - Community and Live Sessions

    • A fellow accountability partner in the course to help you stay in conversation—and in motion.
    • A community Slack channel where others are thinking through the same question.
    • Two live Q&A sessions with Pete over Zoom.

“Pete's course has had an immediate positive impact as I plan to make a change in the near future. I feel like I have a much clearer idea of what I am working toward.”

Tyler Nethercott

No More Indecision. Be Certain of Your Next Career Move.

The Do I Stay Or Go course has everything you need to blaze your own trail to a successful and happy career.


  • 8 modules with beautifully-displayed and downloadable video, audio, slides, and transcripts.
  • Useful bonus resources, including unlimited personal use of the assessment, options calculator, word-for-word scripts, and crucial questions.
  • 24/7 access at any moment, forever.
  • A community of fellow decision-makers to join you on the journey.
  • Two (optional) live group Q&A sessions.
  • An easy, 90-day 100% money-back guarantee.

You could spend a whole lot more to get less.

  • You'd pay over $2,000 to get a master career coach to unpack this much wisdom.
  • You'd pay over $1,000 on a not-so-master career coach for this much content.
  • You'd pay an average of $594 for a single college credit hour.

...but this course's tuition is just $350. Once and for all. No recurring charges of any sort. No monthly anything.

Let me know when course re-opens

You're worth it.

"This course really helped me clarify my career drivers in a quantifiable way and helped me separate my real values from the daily minutiae."

Mark Wiseman

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t you pretty much cover this stuff on the podcast?
A little but not really. Career decision-making comes up a bit occasionally. However, not in a systematic, step-by-step way. And also not with video and slides. And also not with all the handy bonus tools like the options calculator spreadsheet, guides, etc.

Didn’t I already get the goods from the assessment and video?
No. Those represent about 15% of all the goodies in the course. So, it’s a representative taste but far from complete.

What exactly happens when after I buy this?
As soon as you purchase the course, you get immediate access to all eight course modules, plus all the bonuses. There’s no “dripping” of content bit by bit. Rather you can go to any and every part of the course instantly. These modules are yours to access anytime, 24/7 forever. There are no recurring fees.

Seconds after purchase, you’ll receive an email with your exclusive course login. From there you can click, scroll, and tap your way around the gorgeous course platform. You can easily go to exactly the part you want. You can also download or print all content in all formats (.MP4 video, .MP3 audio, .PDF slides, .PDF transcripts and bonus guides, .XLS options calculator). So you’re free to watch offline on a plane, read on a Kindle, listen during the commute, mark up with multicolored pens and post-it notes as you sip a warm beverage gazing out a window, etc.

Just how much time does the course take to complete?
There’s about 5 total hours of content in there. (Fun fact: that puts the direct cost per learning hour used under typical training cost benchmarks). Some people like to binge it all in a weekend. Others prefer to schedule easy 25-minute blocks once or twice a week. Most of the lessons fit within that 25-minute timeframe.

Will you make me jump through hoops if I want a refund?
Not at all. Some courses demand that “prove” that you’ve “done the work” before granting a refund. I don’t care for that approach.  Simply email me or call 877.207.4978 within 90 days of enrollment. It takes less than two minutes. There’s no fee or penalty or anything. I’ll even eat the credit card processing fees. And we can remain friends.

I don’t like the pressure of a deadline; what’s up with that?
The deadline is there in order to assemble a cohort of people for the community Slack channel, accountability partner pairing, and group Q&A session scheduling. So, this would not be possible if one person bought it each week over the course of the year. Rather, having 52 people enroll in one bundle is much better for the community experience.

Something else?
Email ( or call (877.207.4978) and I'm happy to answer anything on your mind.

Let me know when course re-opens.